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The Healing Dojo is a place of learning, where the tools that lead to self-awareness and healing are practiced every day.  We follow the essence of eastern philosophy which is awareness of the unity and mutual interrelation of all things, which are inseparable parts of a cosmic whole. 

The word dojo means “A Place of The Way”; it is a sacred place of learning or cultivating the spiritual way.  A dojo is where one goes to awaken the mind to reveal the higher Self by practicing mindfulness and compassion, ultimately re-uniting with Spirit. 

 Here in the West the principle of a dojo is practiced, however it is only known for martial arts training.  Dr. Mikao Usui believed that a dojo is where you find "Unity of Self through Harmony and Balance"

 Our mission at the Healing Dojo is to promote balance in people’s lives by teaching awareness of the body, mind and spirit, by assisting the healing process through alternative treatments and by educating holistic practitioners on energy healing to better assist their communities.


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